From Corporate Culture to Culture Counter

Meet Dana & Frédéric. They are an epicurean couple living in Santa Barbara, CA who come from different sides of the world, but have one important thing in common: The love of cheese, wine and all the delicious things associated with it!

Dana, born and raised in California, comes with a strong connection to her Italian roots (forgettaboutit!) and a serious passion for the European lifestyle.  Frédéric, a Frenchman from Brittany, not only brings charm and sophistication to the table, but also happens to come with an expertise in wine and cheese from around the globe.

The couple felt there was an important element missing at the wine tasting establishments around Santa Barbara and put their heads together to launch their business, L’Apéro, in 2012.  The small business was an immediate hit, receiving high praise and gaining loyal customers.  It’s no wonder there was a buzz…many wine lovers were now able to enjoy a gourmet cheese or charcuterie plate at their favorite wine tasting room, at a park or on the beach, or at their very own private events.

Dana, who once said after ending a career in a corporate environment, “I just want to make cheese plates,” got her wish….ten fold.  She was making cheese plates morning, noon and night.  Dreams of expanding their business and making it more accessible to more and more cheese and charcuterie lovers was on the forefront, but the couple wasn’t exactly sure what their next move should be.

Then, as Dana puts it, the cheese gods appeared and introduced them to the Santa Barbara Public Market team.  A perfect collaboration, Frederic and Dana will manage “Culture Counter,” the cheese and charcuterie shop located within the Public Market.  They  are thrilled to be embarking on this adventure and look forward to sharing their knowledge, expertise and passion for all things gourmet with the Santa Barbara community.  Bon Appétit!